M/M Does Not Mean Gay (necessarily)

9 days, 19 hours and 0 minutes.

That's as much time as I have left to get Dancing Men ready for launch. So why am I wasting precious time writing a blog post?

Because that guy at the right has quit talking to me until I do. That's Hunter Dane, homicide detective. And very good at it.

He is the Main Character (I can hear Cam clearing his throat from a chair he's laying up in a chair with my Kindle in his lap, behind me.) in the Hunt Dane Investigation series and one of the protagonists in the Hunt&Cam4Ever series. The other being the redoubtable Camden Caulfield Snow. 

These men, if you've been following along, have a pretty hot relationship, sex-wise. They also have a pretty amazing relationship all otherwise, I think. It's an evolving relationship, title to title, things change. But the point here is:

Hunter Dane is not gay. (He also doesn't like labels and is rolling his eyes because he knows I'm going to do use one.) Hunt is a bisexual switch. That's two labels.


A lot of people think of bisexual as someone who is gay sometimes and straight other times. The thing about sexuality and gender is: it's a spectrum. It's probably the main reason Hunter hates being called that, even though he'll grudgingly go along. (He just said, "You're a fucking writer, make up a better word!")

Uh ... Homo sapiens sapiens? But I didn't make it up.

In the real world people are infinitely variable and sexuality is highly complex and under
very loose genetic control. Which means hardly any at all, being so highly adaptable to environmental circumstances. The fact is, we're all unique and there's hardly any place it's as obvious as in our sexuality.

As a writer, my job is to bring you the characters and stories being as true to both as I can be. Their story as shown in the books and shorts and appearances in other books, is not a romance. It's the story of the impact two people have on one another. (Aaaand Cam just dragged Hunt off toward -- oh man, it's a one-bedroom apartment.

Anyway, I know some people are sensitive to seeing certain kinds of things and would rather avoid the whole book if it has stuff they don't like. I know this because a person in the reviewer comments on one site seemed outraged that m/f sex had even been mentioned, quit reading and gave the book she had never read the lowest possible rating. So - serious trigger issue for some.

I write about all the stuff of my characters who I experience as just as real as anyone. But mostly, I write about love.

Now I have to go put my earplugs in.


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