I always knew 

Dancing Men was the title of Hunt and Cam's second 

I always knew what they would find, where and how the next mystery gets resolved. Though they aren't telling me who the killer is, yet.

But before I could get to writing any of that, I had to make sense of the world they live in. The one of many possible realities, the 240th dimension, the parallel earth, the Ficworld. But Ficworld is so much like our world, even the time is the same. And there are a lot of people we know who live there, also. Ben Hart lives in a "castle" in his "domain" and maintains Avia safely in his "keep." 

Hunt's been there. To the Keep. And Ben's brother showed up at SANH, so the characters spill over into one another's business. And the timeline has to match. Which is problematic when you are in the position of being Goddess/Creator (that's moi) and already know the story and aren't sure if the appearance of a person in one place doesn't violate the space/time continuum in another. Which is also the same for the Fics and the Reals. 

Not sure about calling me/us the "reals" because how do we know? Sounds like making everyone else the "unreals." Even less sure about the Goddess/Creator bit. Feels a damn sight more like Stenographer the CEO and COO. 

Not sure who's which, though.

ANYWAY.... That was my first writing day. Timelines and going by SANH and finding a bunch of blueprints all over the matchstick game coffeetable and guys measuring the parking lot.  

Things are changing and I am way behind the information curve. I just did find out where Hunt went when he left the hospital. Srsly, you'll never guess.

I didn't. 


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