Humiliation - More Than a Kink!


Remember this? ---------------->>>>>>>

Ahem. I managed to put the AMAZONUPLOAD name on the re-write copy.

I had reason to look at it, finally, online and - HOLY CHITWHOZZERS!!! W..T...F... IS THAT?
Yeah. Odd sentences in stray corners. Exra words hanging around in graphs. No words at all in places that needed them.

I actually didn't do this:
Isuck - Isuck - Isuck ...

Because I was huddled on the floor of my closet with my laptop and a ten-pound bag of M&Ms stabbing the UNPUBLISH button until my fingers bled.

(Okay, that was mostly metaphorical.)

TOP: The re-titled, re-covered, re-written version of Writing for Ben. FREE NOW TO ALL MY NEWSLETTER FOLKS. I also got some "make an epub" training. They have covers and TOCs and everything! (epub, mobi, azw3, opf, PDF) The PDF doesn't have a TOC. I have no idea what opf is, but I guess you will if you need one. I just want to make up for putting garbage online and asking people to pay for it.

It's not available on Amazon, or anywhere, for a while. It's a 20k novella, Ben Hart at 20 and Janet "J.J." Johnson at 27, as his English instructor. If you've read Desire for Touch, you'll find out some secret-y stuff about them in this book. If not, it's a new Dom teaching older woman the delights of subhood. Intense but not extreme, as usual.

BOTTOM: This book is finished and in ROUGH FREAKIN DRAFT WHICH I WILL NOT MISFILE AND PUBLISH. That's Hunter Dane and Camden Snow, sex, games and murder. It's launching in the Fall. Or next week, I just don't want to promise anything. If you want to ARC when I have a decent copy, CLICK HERE.

So that's it.


I was told today I don't send you all enough stuff. I'll see if I can find something fun to send out. Like, a note with a "Sex Toy of the Month" or something.


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