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Nothing to Sell - but OK I lied!


I said you wouldn't hear from me for a while, but I wanted to send you something just for fun and to welcome all the new subscribers - HI! So -

Orgasms Anagrams
Am Gross - Ma Gross - Go Mr Ass 
Gram Sos - So Grams - Mrs Sago 
Mr Sagos - Rag Moss - Gar Moss 
Gars Oms - Rags Oms - Grass Om 
Rag Ms So - Gar Ms So - Sag Mr So 
Sag Ms Or - Gas Mr So - Gas Ms Or 
As Mrs Go
I swear I'm going to take Mrs. Sago as a Pen Name some time ...

True or False?


1. The clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis.

2. In the U.S., most people's number of sexual partners are in the single digits.

3. Women daydream more than men while having sex?

answers at the bottom


CLITORIS 3D-printed
Okay, not really keeping score, but you can consider yourself a sexual scholar if you can identify this 3-D printed anatomical structure without clicking the answer link:

What's Next?

I know, I said something else but - do y'all remember J.J. from Touch and Bliss? Avia's boss?
So, I'm working on the new novel and J.J.is nagging me to finish the RiverHart Short series and tell her and Ben's origin story.
And "her and Ben's" sounds wrong, but I think it's right.
ANYWAY - I should have the ARCS out and the title launched by the 10th. "Should" being a reference to a mythical land where all my projects get done on time.


1. True - 8000 in the glans of the clitoris vs 4000 in the glans of the penis.
2. False - the average number of sexual partners over a lifetime in the U.S. is 11. (I personally made up for several cloistered nuns.)
3. True - women daydream during sex more than men. Maybe we should tell our men what we're dreaming about?

See Ya Soon!

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