On His Knees had such a great reception and people have been saying they want to see more of Hunt and Cam (Though I don't know how much more we can see, those boys were naked for a really long time!)  Anyway,  I decided to put everything on hold and start a series of murder mysteries starring 

Even the best cop needs a little help from his friends...

Not pushing the hold button, however, until I finish up the never-ending short that wants to be a novel
The "short read" is now 16k words and counting. If you've read the Desire for books, you know that J.J. Johnson, was Benedict Hart's college instructor.

Now you'll find out the backstory and the present story no one knows ...

When a college instructor at the bottom of the university food chain finds the powerhouse Alpha business major  with one of her secret erotic stories in his hands - she has to make a choice.

Play it safe and protect her job or take a chance and live her dream to become a professional writer?

And when the student offers to become the teacher, and design a personal practicum to bring her up to D/s grade level ... will she settle for theory?

You kiddin'?  Look at him.

Writing for Ben will be out ... well, Easter's coming so - a week from now - Thursday April 20th. It's hot. Yay.

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