Writing Hunter Dane

On His Knees

When I decided to write about Hunter, the homicide detective in Desire for Bliss, I had no idea I was going to write M/M BDSM. I didn't know my 5k planned short would be 14k at the end, either.

Amazon has categorized it this way:

And I suppose that makes sense but ... to me, it's not a gay story. It's a story about this quote describing what happens to Hunter when he investigates a very grisly crime scene:

Every fact pooled in his gut, settled in his bones and snaked around his spine. He knew that if not exorcised, they'd claw at his insides until his stomach bled, his heart stuttered or his mind imploded.
What do cops and other first responders do with the horrors of their jobs? I was a cop, for a while. Some drink, a few do drugs, some act out sexually. Others make what seem like healthier choices. Exercise. Music. And some just seem kind of immune to it all.

That's what the story is about. And it involves Hunter and Camden Snow, not because it's a gay story, but because that's who Hunter needed when I wrote it.

I followed Hunt to the club; I met Cam when we got there. Because I'm the writer, I was privy to thoughts and feelings they had that are still unknown to each other. This isn't a romance, but it is a story about caring and trust.

It's a bit darker than my usual, but there's light at the end.


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