Romance - no explicit sex - but really hot dancing!
A woman too shy to look up falls for a man too shy to speak up.

Cassie Henry's walking through life looking at her shoes. And doing her job, plus the mean girl's at the next desk.

She's dodging her nasty landlord and creating beautiful clothes she'll never wear because she has no place to go, and no one to go there with.

She's watching Fred Astaire dance with Ginger Rogers and walzing around her living room. Alone.

Cassie's 30th birthday finds her, once again, the only guest at her birthday dinner.  And in possession of 10 free lessons at Light of the Moon dance studio.

She can't do that. .... Can she?

An erotic story of love and trust.
Can you be too broken to fix?

Talia St. Clair was kidnapped. And as long as they didn't bruise her before the porn movie she'd be forced to make, the men who did it had permission to do anything they wanted to her.

They did.

Her sister rescued her before the cameras rolled, but now, Talia can't abide the idea of sex with the husband she loves. Sweet Roland - her rock, her refuge, her heart. Sex had always been so wonderful and free and ... a little bit kinky between them.

Now the only thing between them is the nightmare she'd lived through.

(These are characters are from the Desire for books, you can find elsewhere on this page.)

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