Santa is really Adira August in disguise! The second part of this trilogy is coming out today, and I'm legitimately excited! When I read the first book, I thought, "Wow, it's like 50 Shades, but with a heroine with a backbone and brain and a totally panty-melting hero whose heart isn't three sizes too small!" This is what erotic romance should strive to be. Other than taking the boys to a screening of Labyrinth, this IS my agenda for tomorrow!

That review was my Christmas Present. I just went all teary-mess. It was in a newsletter from the absolutely excellent and funny eRom writer, Nikky Kaye.

I love her writing & characters. Click her name and check her out. 

Srsly, I have to start posting more than once every two months! But, I was working hard trying to get Bliss out by Christmas as promised. 

Not only did I not have time to post, I ONLY SAW DOCTOR STRANGE 5 TIMES! But - guess who's coming Jan 1? Oh, yeah, Sherlock Season 4. On PBS.

I know, I'm supposed to do a commercial for myself. 

I love the way Desire for Bliss came out. I love these characters. Ben (not the Sherlock one!) takes Avia to places erotic she never thought she'd go and then the Universe decides to throw just about every crappy thing at them it can manage.

We get to hear more about his background, meet family on both sides. It gets pretty wild near the end, some sad stuff (sorry about that) but an HFN ending we'll settle for until Book 3, Desire for Ecstasy comes out. 

ALSO - I have shiny new edition of Desire for Touch up!  Click pictures!  Go! Read! Enjoy! Use your new Kindle!

I sincerely wish you all the blessings of the season, no matter what you believe, who you are or how you love.  Remember that it doesn't matter who you love; it just matters that you do.


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