I was in a fast-food place on my laptop when I saw my first review.  And it was great!  I got all teary. They said they got an ARC copy but it also said "verified purchase" so, I didn't understand that, but still, it wasn't my sister or anything. It was a real reader. (Don't actually have a sister, BTW.)

I didn't give out a bunch of ARCs because I didn't find a lot of people volunteering. Which is frustrating. Trying to figure out how to promote this is taking up way too much time from actual writing.

(The picture? Just to entertain you!)

Is it the blurb?  The cover?  There's an awful lot of sex in this book, but there has to be because that's what brings them together. The quest for Ecstatic Orgasm. Did I not make clear there was a lot of sex?  Or not make clear it's a novel, not just something written to feed a kink?  Should I have listed the kinks? Explained that no one goes to a BDSM club and gets gang-banged? But there's a lot of D/s.

Avia and Ben are on a journey, toward each other, yes. But they are also on the road to discovering so much of what they thought they knew about themselves is just not true.

I think one of the hardest things in life is finding someone you can be your authentic self with.  And when you do, you're free to become more of what that is and be more authentic to yourself.

But I can't do this forever, so I'm using one more day on "promotion" (at which I suck, I guess) and then I'm just writing. 

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